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Flowers at Central Gararge

Helping Porlock

Sponsorship of the flower planters in the village, now at The Old School Centre but previously in front of Central Garage.

For the 2020/2021 winter/spring display we have used the following plants...
Wallflowers - Harlequin Dwarf, mixed colours
Sweet William - mixed colours
Daffodils - many varieties, earlies through to lates
Tulips - Many mixed colour varieties

Created in 2014, and ever since, Porlock Apple Press Group created, sponsored and maintained the year round floral displays which have delighted visitors and residents alike.

The green fingered people bringing you the planting schemes and maintainence of this floral display are Grant & Cathy Dennis. A modular system is used. Each of the two planters hold seven container modules of plants. There are two sets of seven, one used for winter/spring flowers, and the others which contain the summer/autumn flowers. 28 containers in all! While the seasonal flowers are doing their thing on display, the out of season containers are being prepared and brought-on for their turn. This system allows for the spent displays to be simply lifted out and replaced immediately with the new season planting.

The plants are chosen for long lasting displays, utilizing succession flowering to cover the 5 to 6 months they are in place. We always try to do something very different from the standard 'corporation' type flowers and plants like Geraniums, Petunias, Busy Lizzies, and Begonias.

The planters have been re-located from the front of Central Garage, to The Old School Centre spring 2021.

We are pleased that the success of our planters were the inspiration for the development of further planters and displays around the village, seperately funded by Denise Sage's Community Soup Days.

Sadly, some members of The Porlock High Street Support Group (a body invented here in Porlock to decide how a government grant to help High Streets to recover from the effects of the Covid pandemic), have decided that these planters (in the words of one Parish Councillor), were "naff, grubby and could be replaced with, something more groovy" yes.... the word groovy, how hippy is that!  When this description was repeated and accompanied by a suggestion that they would be cut down and altered was the final straw and the planters were removed to the Visitor Centre where they could continue to be enjoyed as they were intended.

We wait in anticipation of what the £25,000 grant will be used for to improve upon the "naff, grubby" planters that heve been enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for the last 7 to 8 years.
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