Porlock Car Parks   -  please beware, the wardens are a little merciless when it comes to defaulters!

Porlock Apple Press is located within the grounds of...

PORLOCK VISITOR CENTRE , visible on the maps below

Short Stay...     400m from 'The Press'.

1 hour       £1.00

2 hours     £2.00

Max stay 2 hours    --   No return for 1 hour

...... Access ......

Porlock Apple Press is located in what was the village school grounds / playing field. The garden is laid down to grass, and has varying degrees of slope which may be a challenge for the less able, especially when wet.

We recommend stout, grippy footwear  in order for you to take a closer look at the press, at all times of the year.

We install wooden post & rail assistive guides for the Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts  Festival , allowing access for those a little less able, but they are not present all year round.

If you have a very strong  assistant, wheelchair access is difficult, but possible in dryer conditions. It is possible to view the press, or The Porlock Apple Press & Rural Crafts Festival event from a short distance away in any case, from a level tarmacced surface in the Visitor Centre car park (Vintage engine displays, etc, are located there as a matter of course too).

Long Stay....    150m from 'The Press'

1 hour      £1.00

2 hours    £2.00

3 hours    £3.00

All day     £5.00