somerset History being maintained

We're keeping the Somerset Cider making tradition alive with every PINT WE PRESS!

Grant Dennis - Derek Purvis - Brian Pike

assisted by our many friends...

are the...

'Porlock Apple Press Group'

Our aim is to ensure the historical art, and means, to produce the apple juice, and cider making skills, are retained here in West Somerset, at the Exmoor village of Porlock. Cider was an important feature of the rural farming economy. Most farms had orchards and presses. In the days prior to mechanisation, many agricultural activities relied on large numbers of  travelling labourers to complete tasks such as haymaking and harvesting. They got paid in cider, foodstuffs, and coin of the realm. Sometimes over a gallon of cider a day was provided in payment. Generally, the farm that provided the best cider, in sufficient quantity, got the labour it needed for the task. This practice was common right up to the start of WW2. So to compliment the apple press, our aim is to build a historical collection of working agricultural implements and rural artefacts to add to the experience.

What we have provided is a community asset. In bringing and providing this feature to Porlock, there has been absolutely no cost or demand on local, or grant funds. We have done this only for the benefit of Porlock and surrounding villages and communities. We have not received any grants or subsidies from anyone. What is provided is the result of this very small number of enthusiast's time, and their very great effort.

We are really very grateful for the donations made in support of our efforts to maintain this old press and ancillary equipment.

As always, we continue & aim to ensure that the village is enhanced by our efforts with donations to good causes within the community. Presently we do this by forwarding some of our donations to the Village Enhancement Fund.

We are proud to sponsor the year round floral displays in the Tourist Association's planters in the centre of the village outside Central Garage. The aim being to provide high quality seasonal flowers to brighten the village for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. We hope you enjoy!